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Oasish & Stereotonics (Acoustic solo show)

Fri 13 Nov 2020

Starts 7.30pm 

Doors Open 6.30pm

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Important:  Tables must only be booked with members of your own household or Support Bubble

About The Show

We are very happy to present this fantastic double header starring Iggy the sensational front man of tribute bands Oasish and Stereotonics - both of which played St. Mary's Chambers in 2019 to a phenomenal reception.  


Iggy is a true legend in the tribute world as he and his band lead the way for both Oasis and Sterophonics tributes with himself  brilliantly recreating the performances of Liam Gallagher and Kelly Jones to a mesmerising standard. 

Due to Covid-19, performances with the full bands of Oasish and Stereotonics are not possible for the time being. So instead, Iggy has combined both shows into a solo double header.  


See this clip of Iggy performing with Oasish last year at St. Mary's Chambers - truly an incredible night! 

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